Year: 2004

Most recently, SFS has lent its assistance to an Iraqi child who was burned during the war. The girl was transferred to the United States and a bank account was set up to accept monetary donations to help the girl and her family. The community’s response was heart-warming. In fact, funds continued to pour in, even after her medical treatment was complete. While other agencies had difficulty finding the family in Iraq, Security Express located them and promptly transferred the money to assist with their needs.  Read Full Story..

Date: September 11, 2001

SFS has helped in many humanitarian efforts. When tragedy struck the United States on September 11, 2001, SFS president Kays Zair instructed his Comfort Inn and Quality Inn employees at Detroit Metropolitan Airport to provide rooms free of charge to stranded travelers. Those efforts were duplicated at a Lansing Days Inn for the Lansing Military Processing Center. When military personnel were unable to ship out due to the horrific events, they were also put up free of charge at the nearby Days Inn. Although those efforts cost the hotels tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenues, Zair felt it was not only the appropriate thing to do, but also the patriotic thing to do. “Considering what this country experienced that day, the cost of putting up people who were stranded as a result of September 11 was irrelevant,” Zair explained.

Year: 2000

The Days Inn in Lansing also played a prominent role in 2000 when an apartment complex caught fire, leaving some residents temporarily homeless. The American Red Cross contacted the management at the Days Inn and rooms were donated – free of charge – until the necessary repairs were made to the apartment complex.



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